FULTON TRANSIT / by drap drap


Arup / Grimshaw / Page Ayers Cowley / HDR-Daniel Frankfurt. Built (Mayor infraestructure construction and renovation projects) Size: 190,000 square feet.

The Fulton Center Transit Hub is a modern subway interchange that revitalizes post 9/11 Lower Manhattan. I team up as project designer for the Fulton Street Transit Center, at the DD, CD and CA phases with detailing, code research,site analysis and on-site meetings.

The project involves enhanced street-level access to the subway, construction of an underground pedestrian concourse, future connections to two other stations, the rehabilitation of underground stations, improved underground passages and a new, signature transit center building.

HDR Daniel Frankfurt provided architectural and structural design services for all of the subway stations involved. Design work includes reprogramming, station planning, numerous ADA-compliant elevators and several new street level entrances, including some located in historical districts or within historical buildings.

The new transit center creates an entry point for the downtown rapid transit system, improve connections among 12 separate subway lines and improve street access. The addition of a new underground corridor connects to the World Trade Center site, where the benefit daily subway riders as well as aide in the economic recover of Lower Manhattan.

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